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Current User Documentation


CA-EDRS version 3.0 UPDATED

User's Guides for version 2.7

Funeral Home CA-EDRS Users' Guide
Medical Facility Users' Guide
Coroner/Medical Examiner CA-EDRS Users' Guide
Local Registrar/Local Deputy Registrar CA-EDRS Users' Guide


HOW TO Guides:

All Users:
Search Function Overview
Search for Records

Funeral Home:
Create New Record
Sign as Embalmer
Request Remote Attestation
Refer to ME/Coroner
Drop to Paper
Dual Pass 1 and 2
Create Disposition Permit
Print Official Copy of Disposition Permit
Create General Amendment
Electronic Signatures for General Amendment
Ink Signatures for General Amendment
Request SSN Verification
Review Physician's Fax Attestation
Review Physician's Voice Attestation

Medical Facility:
Medical Facility Record Creation

Medical Examiner/Coroner:
Create Coroner Amendment
Accept Record
Attest Record
Export EDRS Case Data - UPDATED v3.0
Data Import Users Guide
Certificate Import XSD - UPDATED v3.0
Sample XML Import File

Local Registrar:
Register Electronic Death Certificate  
Register Paper EDRS Death Certificate  
Register Paper EDRS Amendment  
Register Electronic General Amendment  
Register Electronic Coroner Amendment  
Issue Disposition Permit  
Enter a Paper Death Certificate  
Enter a General Amendment  
Enter a Coroner Amendment  
Review Physician's Fax Attestation  
Review Physician's Voice Attestation  
Export EDRS Data - MS Access Template Updated for v2.8