California Electronic Death Registration System

CA-EDRS is California's system for electronic death certificate origination and registration. A death certificate provides prima facie evidence of a person’s death and is relied upon for important legal proceedings as well as for the creation of important derivative public health and regulatory data. California currently processes over 250,000 new death certificates per year (1 in 10 deaths in the U.S.). The Web-based CA-EDRS system provides the ability for coroners, funeral directors, doctors, and hospitals to submit electronic death certificates for registration 24 hours a day.

EDRS Benefits :

  • Faster registration of death certificates
  • Issuance of the disposition permit in Funeral Homes
  • State Registrar approved methods for 'remote attestation' by medical certifiers -- eliminating the need to track down medical certifiers for signatures
  • Quick determination of status for a pending death certificate
  • Improved data quality through a full set of data validations (edits) and SSN verification prior to registration
  • Electronic processing of death certificate amendments
  • Data export capability for death certificate records that originated from your organization (subject to enforcement of role and locale based permissions)

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